Winter attractions around Dharamsala

Winter season comes with its own colours in the region around Dharamshala, and what it does is open up many more attractions. While due to excessive snow, it becomes difficult to trek and at times to Paraglide as well, but this is the time, when few of the attractions that remain dormant during the summer months, become a must visit.

And in this blog post, I’ll be talking about three things you must do on your trip to Dharamshala/Mcleodganj during winter months:


Bird Watching in Pong Lake: Pong Lake is not only India’s biggest earthfill dam, but is also one of the most underrated bird sanctuaries in India. Due to its location in the northern part of country, it attracts various birds species from central Asia and Siberia. Therefore, if you’re coming to Mcleodganj/Dharamshala, you must plan a trip to Pong Lake that is about 55 kms from Blossoms Village Resort. While indulging in the bird watching at Pong Lake, don’t forget to visit Rancer island, take a boat ride in the lake, indulge in conversations with local fishermen and visit the half submerged Bathu temples.


Pong lake attracts various bird species during winters such as Egrets, Bar Headed Geese, Kingfishers etc. and if you listen properly, you might hear the sounds of a toy train chugging through the forests nearby.


A ride in Kangra Valley Toy Train: Back in 1926, British government planned narrow gauge track from Pathankot till Joginder Nagar, connecting the inner reaches of Kangra Valley. For years, this rail route has been used by people of villages to traverse across the region. However, that’s not where it ends, the Kangra Valley toy train snakes through the rolling lush green hills, crossing meandering rivers fed by the glaciers, passing beautiful gorges and then running parallel to the snow covered peaks of Dhauladhar range.train

No other train in India comes as close to eternally snow capped mountains as Kangra valley toy train does, specially during the route between Kangra and Palampur.


Discover the heritage of Garli: There’s a village hidden in the lower reaches of Kangra valley. Carefully placed between the surrounding hills, village of Garli was once a hub of some of the richest Sood merchants. While the merchants are all gone, what is left is their legacy, and many old havelis, turning into ruins. Visit Garli for these beautiful havelis, to spend time with villagers listening to the stories of time when Garli used to be the most prosperous town of this region, with an excellent education system.


Moreover, near Garli lies the famous Kaleshwar Mahadev temples at the banks of Beas river, flowing just 3 Kms away from the village.


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This post has been written by Abhinav Chandel, a travel blogger who’s been calling Dharamshala his home since April 2014. You can contact him on twitter at ‘ @abhiandnow‘ 


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